Foam Systems
ISS has been serving the field of Fire & Security since 1989; In 2002, ISS was awarded the license to Blend foam in Egypt from Chemguard – USA. The Blending Facility located at El Obour City, Cairo. Egypt provides 1%, 3%, 6% AFFF, and AR-AFFF, foams with the same specifications of the UL-Listed family of foams provided by Chemguard and Fluoroprotein foam (FP) under the license of COFFCO.

Along with the veteran foam experience provided by Chemguard-USA ISS –Egypt shall also provide its own veteran experience in the field of Fire Protection Systems in assembling at its own facility premium quality Foam Protection Equipment like educators foam carts, bladder tanks,foam hose cabinets and other Equipment to suite the various demand within the field.


PRE-MIX Foam System

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Foam concentrates UL LISTED

Foam concentrates UL LISTED

As a continuation of superiority for Fire Fighting Foam Concentrate ISS has been awarded the UL Approval on 3% AFFF MS , 3% AFFF , 6 % AFFF, 3% x 6% AR-AFFF , CUG , & 3% AR-AFFF Foam Concentrates. The project started on January 2003, and ended on May 2003. With this highly prestigious bench mark, ISS has been manufacturing and supplying the foam concentrates to the petroleum sector companies in Egypt such as Bechtel,Caltex egypt,Halliburton overseas ltd,Agiba and more..Also we supplied many other projects in airports domain,chemical plants and the civil defense in Egypt.

Moreover, our foams have successfully passed tests and acquired approvals of some other internationally recognized bodies and clients. These bodies include ICAO- International Civil Aviation Organization, ENRC- Egyptian National Research Center, ECD- Egyptian Chemical Department and the Egyptian Civil Defense Authorities.